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Sacaton Middle School Teachers

To reach the middle school front office, simply dial 520-562-8600 and choose option 2, or dial extension 2000. If you would like to reach our Principal, Andre Gillespie, dial extension 2001.

If you would like to reach a specific teacher, you can email them or call to the office and leave the teacher a voicemail. 
Name Room Title/Subject Email Address
Andre Gillespie Office Principal agillespie@sacatonschools.org
Jessica Vasquez Office Secretary jvasquez@sacatonschools.org
Kevin Voit B1 Behavior Interventionist Specialist kvoit@sacatonschools.org
Arlisa Crank-Townsend B3 School Counselor atownsend@sacatonschools.org
D.J. Harris C7 Attendance / Truancy Officer dharris@sacatonschools.org
Lisa Youtsey C7 Register Specialist lyoutsey@sacatonschools.org
Angie Weddle M2 Curriculum Enrichment Coordinator aweddle@sacatonschools.org
Cheryl Chamblin C5 ESS Self-Contained cchamblin@sacatonschools.org
Michael Utter C6 ESS Self-Contained mutter@sacatonschools.org
Marica Rector C7 ESS Self-Contained mrector@sacatonschools.org
Briena Sundell  C3 ESS Self-Contained bsundell@sacatonschools.org
Christopher Milton D4 ESS (Resource 7/8) cmilton@sacatonschools.org
Christin Breeding A4 5th Grade ELA cbredding@sacatonschools.org
Frank Leon A6 5th Grade Math fleon@sacatonschools.org
Martina Ashley A5 5th Grade SCI/SST mashley@sacatonschools.org
Steve Babcock A7 6th Grade SST/SKI/AD sbabcock@sacatonschools.org
Brooke Maracle A2 6th Grade MA/SCI bmaracle@sacatonschools.org
Pascale Lim-Minot A1 6th Grade ELA/WR plim@sacatonschools.org
Davina Lyons D1 7th/8th Grade ELA dlyons@sacatonschools.org
Marcos Davila
7th/8th Math mdavila@sacatonschools.org
Billye Paulson D2 7th/8th Grade SST/WR bpaulson@sacatonschools.org
JoEllen Kinnamon B7 7th/8th Grade SCI/SKI jkinnamon@sacatonschools.org
Alberto Alaniz C1 Math Interventionist aalaniz@sacatonschools.org
Jessie Valdez A3 Reading Interventionist jvaldez@sacatonschools.org
Kristin Kennedy MP Music / Band kkennedy@sacatonschools.org
Shelley Huston Gym P.E. shuston@sacatonschools.org
Sandra Gallegos B4 Technology sgallegos@sacatonschools.org
Marcella Hall A8 Pima Culture mhall@sacatonschools.org
Lourdes Alvarez Library Instructional Assistant / Library lalvarez@sacatonschools.org
Laura Mejia C1 Instructional Assistant lmejia@sacatonschools.org
Gail Blackwater C5 Paraprofessional gblackwater@sacatonschools.org
Carment Teran C3 Paraprofessional cteran@sacatonschools.org
Redondo, Yolanda C6 Paraprofessional yredondo@sacatonschools.org

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