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Staff Handbook 2017

Staff Handbook
Sacaton Elementary School District seeks to provide a positive and encouraging learning environment for all students with clear expectations.  We are sharing this handbook with you to help guide us in our mission and vision to provide excellence in student achievement, community involvement, and educational guidance for the future success of our students.  At Sacaton, we do our jobs, improve our jobs, and love our jobs ~ YES! Click HERE to Read the Staff Handbook.
SStudent Handbook 2017tudent Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
Our goal is to create a successful pathway for all students. This handbook is shared with you to help build a common understanding among every member of our learning community of students' rights and responsibilities in creating a positive and productive school culture. We value your partnership in every aspect of  your child's experience and believe this handbook will provide you information and direction in working with our school. Click here to read the student handbook.
Be Safe • Be Responsible • Be Respectful • Have a Learner's Attitude ~ YES! 
 Student Bullying/Harassment/Intimidation Handbook
The Governing Board believes it is the right of every student to be educated in a positive, safe, caring, and respectful learning environment. The Board further believes a school environment inclusive of these traits maximizes student achievement, fosters student personal growth, and helps students build a sense of community that promotes positive participation as members of society.  Click HERE to Read the Student Bullying / Harassment / Intimidation Handbook. 
 Volunteer Handbook
In keeping with the mission statement of the district, the major goal of the volunteer program is to assist schools in providing the best possible education for each student. The services of volunteers are utilized in schools to accomplish the following objectives:
  •  Assist teachers and support personnel with non-instructional tasks
  •  Provide teachers with more time to work with students
  •  Enrich the curriculum and students’ learning opportunities
  •  Provide individual attention to those children needing additional assistance
  •  Promote a school-home-community partnership for quality education

Click HERE to Read the SESD Volunteer Handbook


IPP 2018-2019

Indian Policies and Procedures
It is the intent of the Sacaton Elementary School District that all Native American children of school age have equal access to all programs, services and activities offered within the school district.  To this end, the Sacaton Elementary School District will consult with local tribal officials and parents of Native American children in the planning and development of Indian Policies and Procedures (IPPs), general education programs, and activities.  These policies and procedures will be reviewed annually and revisions will be made within 90 days of the determination that requirements are not being adequately met. Click here to read the Indian Policies and Procedures.
Governing Board and Superintendent Standard Operating Procedures
This handbook is shared with you to help build an understanding among every member of our learning community on how the Governing Board conducts business and meetings and how it works closely together with the Superintendent to insure that the school district's mission and vision is carried out. Click here to read the Standard Operating Procedures. Assist teachers and support personnel with non-instructional tasks. Click HERE to Read the Standard Operating Procedures.
To serve the transportation needs of all district students with dependable and friendly delivery to their destinations while maintaining student safety at all times. Click here for the Transportation Department 2019-2020 Handbook. 
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