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For the health and safety of our employees, Sacaton Elementary School District and schools will be closed Thursday, January 13 through Friday, January 21. 
Teaching and learning will still occur online. 
All offices and schools will reopen on Monday, January 24. If you have questions, please contact your principal. Thank you.
Voice Recognition

Assessment & A-F Letter Grades

The evaluation of student performance provides information leading to instructional opportunities for teachers and students. This process identifies the need for assessment leading to the outcome of student success.

At Sacaton Elementary School District staff analyze scores and collaborate to best plan and deliver lesson plans geared towards the needs of the student.


Each student strives to reach personal goals and achieve growth that is celebrated district-wide. 





The  state of Arizona's A-F Accountability System is not designed to stigmatize schools but rather to help the state identify which are in need of support. The Sacaton Elementary School received a D letter grade and the Sacaton Middle School received a F letter grade.  The Arizona Department of Education will partner with "D and F schools" to improve their A-F ranking through the development and implementation of a comprehensive improvement plan. Once improvement plans have been implemented, schools are reassessed and schools that continue to perform poorly will receive additional involvement from the state and are also eligible for additional federal funds.
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