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2020-2021 District Goals

Aligned to the SESD Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Governing Board Approved on June 9, 2020


District Goals (selected key strategic objectives) support the attainment of the vision and mission and serve as the foundation to drive day-to-day actions measured by SMART Goals.

 Excellence in Student Learning

  • Deliver a guaranteed and viable curriculum in every classroom.
  • Engage students in activities that develop and nurture every student.
  • Provide a safe and orderly learning environment.
  • Students use data to monitor academic growth.

Excellence in Employee Engagement

  • Appreciate and recognize performance improvement.
  • Create and encourage an empowering professional environment.

Excellence in Organizational Improvement

  • Demonstrate stewardship in the deployment of resources aligned to organizational priorities.
  • Identify, document, deploy and monitor key processes leading to sustainability.

Excellence in Community Relations

  • Publicize programs and successes to increase student enrollment.
  • Provide opportunities to involve and engage stakeholders in key programs and initiatives.


District Achievement Goals (SMART Goals)

ELA:      By May 2021, ELA achievement in grades 3-8 will increase by 12% moving from 8%  (proficient/highly proficient) on 2019 AzMERIT to 20% (proficient/highly proficient) on 2021 AzM2.

Math:     By May 2021, Math achievement in grades 3-8 will increase by 14% moving from 6% (proficient/highly proficient) on 2019 AzMERIT to 20% (proficient/highly proficient) on 2021 AzM2.

Science:  By May 2021, Science achievement in grades 4 & 8 will increase by 37% moving from 13% (meets/exceeds) on 2019 AIMS Science to 50% (meets/exceeds) on 2021 state assessment.


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