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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

The Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Department provides teachers with support that assists with the implementation of curriculum. This includes a comprehensive and systematic professional development program linked to curricula design and delivery. Teachers use assessment data to ensure alignment of the written, taught, and learned curricula. The analysis of data (whether informal or formal) launches the Plan – Do – Study – Act Cycle as teachers implement standard-based instruction to meet the needs of students. 

The Teaching & Learning Framework encompasses essential resources aligned to the SESD Strategic Plan in support of delivering a guaranteed and viable curriculum in every classroom. This framework will remain fluid as learning is modified to support educational needs. 


Mrs. Debbie Ybarra, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
520-562-8600 ext. 2080
Ms. Marie Semodio, Federal Programs Coordinator
520-562-8600 ext. 2039
Ms. Denise Kotlarz, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist
520-562-8600 ext. 2016 
Ms. Jayme MartinCurriculum & Instruction Specialist
520-562-8600 ext. 2036
The Arizona Academic Standards
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