Open Enrollment

Returning Students & Families

All returning students must complete a re-enrollment packet. All existing information must be verified at the beginning of every school year. 

  • To verify enrollment, click here: ParentVUE.

    • Information to be completed yearly: Yearly GRIC Health Form, Technology Agreement, Transportation Form, Proof of Residency (if there is a change of address), and Health Care Consent Form.

New Registrations

To enroll your NEW student(s), please bring the following to the Front Office:

  • Birth certificate

  • Proof of tribal enrollment

  • Immunization Records

  • Proof of physical residence (example: utility bill, rental agreement, or documentation from state, tribal, or federal agency, etc.)

  • Legal documents (court orders/Power of Attorney)

  • Withdrawal form (from last school attended)

  • Transfer grades (from last school attended)

Sacaton Elementary School

542 W. Grade School Road, Sacaton AZ 85147

Sacaton Middle School

70 S. Skill Center Road, Sacaton AZ 85147

Open Enrollment Policy

The Sacaton Elementary School District #18 has limited space during the current school year. Open enrollment applications received for the limited space available for the current school year will be reviewed and considered based on the order in which the completed applications are received. Open enrollment question may be directed to the school secretaries: 

Sacaton Elementary School Secretary 
(520) 562-8600 ext. 3000 

Sacaton Middle School Secretary
 (520) 562-8600 ext. 2000

 A particular grade, class, program or special services offered within a school may have no additional capacity or may have more limited additional capacity than the school in general. Sacaton Elementary School District #18 (SESD) is accepting open enrollment applications.

Incomplete applications may result in denial of the open enrollment. Providing false or misleading information on the Open Enrollment application may result in the application being denied or Open Enrollment admission being revoked. A separate application form needs to be completed for each student. Current SESD Open Enrollment students do not have to complete an application form for next school year, but such students are subject to capacity limitations and must remain in compliance with SESD Open Enrollment Admission Standards.

Open Enrollment admission is subject to capacity limitations applicable to each school, grade level, program and type of special services provided to students. If the number of students applying exceeds capacity limitations, selections will be based on a random lottery within designated priority classifications.

Families of applicants admitted as Open Enrollment students will receive a phone call and a follow-up letter with details about next steps. Other applicants will either be placed on a waiting list or be informed that their Open Enrollment applications have been denied. Families with students on the waiting list will receive a letter providing them with additional waiting list information.

Transportation of an Open Enrollment student is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian may be able to use existing SESD transportation routes, subject to restrictions and limitations set out in Governing Board Policy JFB—Open Enrollment.

Open Enrollment admission is on a year-by-year basis and continued attendance as an Open Enrollment student is not guaranteed. Open enrollment students must remain in compliance with SESD Open Enrollment Admission Standards (e.g., no excessive absences or tardies, no repeated or serious disciplinary matters, etc.) and are subject to school, grade level, program and special services capacity limitations. If the placement of a student with an individualized education program is changed into one where capacity is not available, the student’s Open Enrollment status may be revoked.